School of Fish
A live fish—in a ziplock sandwich bag!
—Lynette J.

Role Confusion
A figurine that says world’s best nurse. It is still prominently displayed!
—Brenda W.

Guns and Roses
A 3-foot-tall toy soldier made out of flowerpots.
—Sarah C.

Cracking Up
I once received an egg, decorated with black -marker, from one very excited kindergartner. He was so proud—he was imitating the Ukrainian etched eggs that he knew from home—and I accepted it with lots of gratitude. Then I cleaned up the oozing mess, as it had cracked a little en route to school. One of my favorite gifts from a student.
—Michelle L.

A Sweet Proposal
During one of my first years of teaching, a boy brought me a gorgeous ring. I called home and found out it was his mom’s engagement ring.…
—Angie M.

High Fashion
A painting of a leopard-print high-heeled shoe.
—Beth W.

Blown Away

A PreK student was very excited for me to open up the present she had brought. When I opened it, I was surprised to see that she had given me a Kleenex. At least it wasn’t used!
—Christine F.

Beauty School Dropout
I got a Barbie with makeup and hair modified by a 4-year-old with a blue Sharpie and blunt Fiskars.
—Cynthia W.

Mama Bear
A stuffed bear that said #1 mom!
—Kim V. H.

Practical Presents
A teacher friend once received a box that contained toilet paper, roach traps, and some other very unique gifts. She brought it into the lounge to share. It definitely gave us a laugh.
—Cheryl W.

Katydid Kingdom
A male and a female katydid. And the student expressly wanted to bring in one of each because she was -hoping they would procreate like the classroom guppies had.
—Kymberlee R.

The Most Important Meal
Half of a Pop-Tart from a student who said he got hungry before he made it to school to give me the gift.
—Karen Z.


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Photo: Ljupco Smokovski/Shutterstock