Take Out Your Tusks!
I asked my class what a walrus looks like, and next thing I knew, I was staring at a kid with pencils up his nose. At least that class will never forget that walrus have tusks!
—Kate L.

Mrs. Jim
We were passing the gym teacher, Mrs. H., in the hallway and a first grader said to her, “Hi, Jim!” We laughed about that one for years.
—Karen H.

Modern Her-Story
While doing a unit on Women’s History Month as a student teacher, I asked my students to name some famous women from history. I got the following responses: Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, and Justin Bieber.
—Deborah R.



The Magic Pocket
While getting ready for recess, a student reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a dead minnow, exclaiming, “Oh, I forgot that was in there!”
—Johnna A.

Lost in Translation
One of our spelling words was held, and this is how an ESL student used it in a sentence: “My uncle said, ‘Where the held is my brother?’ ”
Megan M.

Restaurant Savvy
We were working on the names of meals. I said, “Breakfast is the meal we eat in the morning; lunch is at school.” Then I asked, “What is the name of the night meal?” The answer? “Out to eat.” Love it.
—Lisa P.

Hi, My Name Is…
I was surprised to be getting a new student during the last week of school. Without thinking, I introduced myself to my new third grader using my first name…and then said, “But you can call me Mrs. S.”
—Amy S.

Hot Glue
I finished gluing a PreK student’s googly eyes on her craft and handed it to her. She took one look at it and said, “That’s a hot mess!”
—Joan B.

Blast From the Past
One of my students looked at a much younger picture of me on my school ID tag and quietly asked, “When are you going to look like that again?”
—Barb A.

Invisible Art
My preschool class was coloring with crayons. At cleanup time, I asked them to hand their papers to my aide, Linda. As one very bright little boy handed his paper to her, they had this conversation:
Linda: “What happened? You didn’t color anything.”
Child [seriously]: I couldn’t get the white to work!”
—Ashley G.