Zeus Goes to Court
On a paper he turned in, a student misspelled meteors as mediators: “Zeus raised his arms and mediators fell from the sky.”
—Steven F.

Stuff and Nonsense
When going over nonfiction text features, I asked a kindergarten student what the page at the front of the book with topics and page numbers was called. His answer: “The table of nonsense.”
—Alisha G.

Orange You Glad…?
We were doing some work with adjectives. I had my students write down common nouns, and then come up with words to describe them. The class was trying to come up with adjectives for the word lettuce. One young man excitedly raised his hand and said: “Do you think they will lettuce out of school early?” Hilarious, but not an adjective!
Marsha C. J.

Two Points for Honesty
I was giving my first graders a time-telling pre-assessment and one of my cuties wrote at the bottom: “I know nothing about these clocks, I tell you.”
Carolyn C.

Elevated Art Forms
In my kindergarten class, we were going over the parts of a book and I asked what we call the person who draws the pictures. One of my students yelled out, “The elevator!”
Trina M.

Lyrical Composition
A small group of my kindergartners were doing “Work on Writing” and I let them choose their sentences. One of them wrote this: “We are family, all my brothers, sisters and me.” I took a picture and sent it to her mom.
Mandy H.

Get Your Stories Straight
A fellow teacher told me about a reading response activity that involved a passage from The Elves and the Shoemaker. The question was: “Do you think this story could happen in real life, and why or why not?” Student’s response: “No, this is a fantasy because everyone knows elves help Santa make toys and not shoes.”
Crystal R.

Lost in Translation
One of the children in my class drew a diamond ring around the answer on the state ELA exam because it said “Draw a ring around the correct answer.”
Carol G.

Model Student
A math test question asked, “Explain how you would solve....” The student wrote that he couldn’t because “Mrs. C. doesn’t let us talk during a test.”
Tiffany C.  

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Illustration: Gary Clement