Make a Face
We were making Mother’s Day crafts. It involved gluing pieces together to create a face. I turned to the quietest child in the room and said, “Sweetie, please pick your nose so we can move on.” My third graders thought that was quite funny.
—Rachael T.

Beat the Clock
I got my kids all packed up and ready for dismissal—a whole hour early!
—Vicky O. K.

All Dressed Up
My first year, I didn’t dress up for Spirit Week days. I felt a tiny bit guilty, so on Halloween, I went to school in full costume, face paint and all, as a cat. No one told me that everyone dressed up for Halloween after lunch.
—Tasha Y.

I used the wrong form of a word on our weekly spelling test (pedal instead of petal). I caught it before the spelling test, but one parent actually made me a giant flower using bicycle pedals as the petals.
Angie M.

Head Over Heels
I was walking backward in front of the office that faced my first-grade class. Sitting in front of the office was a big box, about hip height, used to gather winter coats. Yep, you guessed it—in I fell!
Lisa P. W.

Look Who’s Talking
Carrying on a conversation with the automated phone message from the district…twice.
Carol P. D.

Cool Ride
I was reading to my second graders, but instead of reading, “He got on the elevator,” I read, “He got on the alligator.” I shook my head, said to the kids, “Where did that come from?” and went on, but as I was reading, I kept thinking about it. I burst into laughter and could not get it together for about 10 minutes.
Janice W.

Literary License
I was reading Little House in the Big Woods to my class. There was a little girl who was messing around. I said, “Laura, sit down.” The girl’s name was Anna, but I was in the zone. My kiddos thought it was pretty funny.
Tahira S.

The Wheels on the Bus Go…
Forgetting the words to a kindergarten song!
Barbara W. D.

Lost in Place
On my very first day of teaching, I said to my class, “Welcome to third grade here at wrong school name.” I still can’t believe I did that!
Shelly K. T. 

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