A Fish Tale
I bought tropical fish for the open house but when the parents got there, no fish were in the tank. There was, however, a very fat aquatic frog with a fish tail sticking out of his mouth!
—Jill H.

The Ultimate Test
During state testing, our gerbils decided to do laps in their wheel and chew on their plastic tubing, which woke up our class dog, who began jumping and whimpering at the gerbils. Distracting, yes, but we did great on our tests.
—Liz G.

Butterfly Break-In
One of our butterflies got loose. I didn’t think much of it until the motion alarm went off at two in the morning. 
—Joyce R.

Note of Disapproval
I had a pet parakeet, Zoe, who liked to sing along with the children. Whenever the director came in the room, Zoe would start shrieking. The bird was a great judge of character.
—Tamara S.

Hungry Bunny
Our bunny was litter-trained, so it ran free around the room. When I didn’t find a student’s homework after he swore he’d turned it in, I looked down to find the bunny eating it!
—Candy S.

Hamster on the Lam
Our preschoolers were in the library when some fifth graders came running in, laughing. I looked up and saw they were chasing the class hamster, Fluffy, who was in his exercise ball. Our preschoolers ended up with fifth-grade buddies to do activities with for the rest of the school year. Sometimes things are just meant to be!
—Tammy R.

Stealth Operator
I was a little creeped out by our class guinea pig, but with the kids’ coaxing I picked him up. He was being so snugly and calm, but when I went to put him back in his cage, I saw an extraordinarily large chunk of my hair hanging from his mouth! He was calm because he was feasting on my hair!
—Karen S.

Lesson Comes to Life
We were doing a KWL chart about the desert and one of the girls said, “Snake!” “Great answer,” I said. She screamed, “No, a real one!” It was under her chair. The class farmer said, “It ain’t nuttin’ but a corn snake.” 
—Kimberly C.

Say a Little Prayer
One child brought in a praying mantis. The students found another one and put it in a clear container with the first one. After lunch, there was only one left. A girl explained that after mating, the female eats the male ... most of the kids didn’t get it!
—Patricia F.

Revenge of the Ferret
My pet ferret flooded the classroom by turning on the water in the sink and letting it run all weekend.
—Patty W.