Excuses, excuses. We’ve all heard them. Students’ reasons for not handing in assignments on time can range from the unexpected to the outrageous. And some of the craziest tales are true.

Emergency 911
“I saw a car crash so I went to donate blood and didn’t have time to do homework.” This from an 11-year-old!
Sarah A.

All Wet
“My mom couldn’t sign my homework because she was in the shower.” I responded, “What about your dad?” My student replied, “He was in the shower, too.”
Bridget G.

How Does It End?
“You didn’t say that the due date of the book report was the same day I needed to have the book read!”
Christa C.

The Dog Really Did Eat It
“The dog ate my homework.” A note from the local vet confirmed the story!
Judy F.

Homework Thief
“A burglar broke in and stole my homework!”
Louise C.

The Thief is Mom
“My mom stole it for her class. She didn’t do her homework.”
Barbara C.

Mandatory Viewing
“I couldn’t do my homework because my parents made me watch a movie with them.”
Kimberly H.

Blame Mom
“My mother didn’t have time to finish it. She got the spelling done but that’s all.”
Ken S.

Bird Food
“My parakeet chewed off the bottom half of the page. I didn’t think you would want only half of the assignment.”
Philip P.

Flushed It
“We ran out of toilet paper, so I used my homework instead.”
Liz M.

Blame Mom, Pt. 2
“My mom usually makes me do it. I don’t know what’s wrong with her!”
Gayle T.

War Story
“My backpack was locked in the trunk of my mom’s car and the keys went to Iraq with my dad!” True story!
Meenal P.

Sibling Voodoo
“My sister put a spell on me and my hands couldn’t write.”
Kathy G.

Follow the Scent
“I got sprayed by a skunk. I spent all night getting de-smelled.”
Sharon B.

Wish Granted
“The homework fairy said that I needed a break.”
Angie H.

A Hot Product
“My mom sold it at our yard sale yesterday!”
Gayle H.

It Took Off
“My homework grew legs and walked away!” I then asked my class if anyone else’s homework had grown legs. Half the class raised their hands! I had to give them another day for that one.
Shelby G.