Asking the right questions invites critical thinking about the "big ideas" (enduring understanding) in mathematics. Try these questions during your lesson.
1. What do you need to know? What do you need to find out? Students are invited to pinpoint the problem and the information needed for its solution.
2. How can you choose a strategy that will help you solve the problem? Students peruse their strategies to match the needs of the problem.
3. Which strategy did you choose? Why? Students justify their choice of strategy by describing how it addresses the conditions of the problem.
4. What will you do first to solve the problem? What will you do next? Students make sense of how step works toward finding the solution.
5. How did you solve the problem? Students define the steps they chose to solve the problem.
6. How will you check your answer for reasonableness? Checking strategies may include using inverse operations or estimation.
7. How do you know the answer makes sense? Students justify their answers using common sense, logical reasoning, or estimation strategies.