I REMEMBER how tired I used to get near the end of the teaching year. My fours were now all five, proud of their new skills and knowledge, energetic and just a little restless knowing that the year was about to end.

I'd start feeling a bit sad too, realizing that I would be passing the children on to kindergarten in the fall. They'll be right across the hall, I'd tell myself. And then I'd remind myself of how wonderful (and challenging) it had been when these kids first came to me.

For the most part, I'd feel good about the past year, the tremendous progress so many children had made, the little breakthroughs I'd seen, the parents who'd finally gotten involved. Sitting in my classroom at the end of the day, ordering next year's supplies and writing reports, I'd look around and smile. I could still see the wonderful drawing Angela had made of our pet mouse, Anatole, and the red paint splats on the wall courtesy of Willy the day he discovered he could flip paint from the brush to the easel a few feet away. June was a bittersweet, though mostly satisfying month.

As I look back at this past year at Early Childhood Today, I feel great satisfaction that we have brought ideas and inspiration into your classroom from Lilian Katz, Stanley Greenspan, Adele Brodkin, Jane Healy, Ellen Booth Church, Susan Miller, and other important thinkers who consistently make an impact in the field of early childhood. This issue is no exception, with our cover story on science across the curriculum by Ellen Booth Church and extensive checklists to help vou evaluate your classroom needs for next year from Kim Moore Kneas. And our staff workshop introduces you to an energizing way to stretch professionally - action research!

We, too, are planning for next year. As always, we'll bring you the highest-level thinking in the field along with practical, read-it-today, do-it-tomorrow ideas. Have a great summer!

With warm regards,

Susan Strecker

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