The most common problem in using a video camera is having hours of rambling footage. Here is a "low-tech" and "high-tech" way to solve the problem:

Low-tech editing: Plug your camera into the "video in" ports on the back of any VCR, loaded with a blank tape, and set to RECORD, with the PAUSE button on. Start playing the footage from your camera. When you see something you want, simply take the PAUSE off, capturing what you want.

High-tech editing: Digital editing is editing that is done on a computer. An older computer may not be equipped to handle digital editing-you need lots of hard disk space and memory. However, if you have a newer model computer (or know someone who does!) and would like to try to do a little editing on your computer, you might try IntroDV for your PC (Digital Origin; $149, including FireWire card and cable) or iMovie2 for Macintosh (Apple Computer; downloadable version at; $49, does not include FireWire card and cable).