Adult with child recycling -- Kids Environmental Report Card: Grown Ups' Response

A recent Kids' Environmental Report Card poll asked kids to rate the effectiveness of grown-ups in helping the environment. According to most, grown-up efforts vary. "Sometimes it's good; sometimes it's bad," stated the majority of kids.

A similar discussion on Scholastic's Save the Planet bulletin board examined the commitment of adults and kids in protecting the earth. Who cares most — kids or adults? asked sophisticated101, a frequent poster to this Web site,

"Kids, because it's THEIR world they're gonna have to live in!" answered warriorgurl, another frequent poster.

"It's just that some adults — not taking names — don't think they need to change. They have a comfortable life, they get what they need, why change?" readergal95 agreed.

Apollo127 offered an explanation: "Adults have to be driven to succeed socially [and] sometimes... have to ignore the downsides to keep up with the bills. Kids don't have that focus, so they have the time to look around and see what's wrong with the world."

Kids: More at Stake

It's important to note that, because of their comparatively smaller-sized bodies, kids are more vulnerable than adults to levels of pollution in the environment. They are exposed to more pollutants per pound of body weight than adults, according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Children may also be more vulnerable because their body systems are still developing, the EPA explains.

To safeguard our world, a range of issues, from air and water pollution to climate change and endangered species protection, must be addressed. Clearly, to face these challenges, kids and adults will have to chip in. Sharing your views through the Save the Planet bulletin board is an easy way to get started. See you online!