It's summertime, and Aislinn O'Neill only has nineweeks before the start of eighth grade. Aislinn is the oldest of five children named in alphabetical order — after her is Beck, Callie, Dooley, and Eddie. Because of that, everyone just calls her A.

A hopes to spend the summer conducting summer school in the shed for B, C, D, and E and trying to get Mike Mancinello to like her. But when the family drops Nana off at the airport for her summer-long trip, everything starts to go downhill. With Nana gone, A is the only one home all day with the little ones. And if her father gets too angry, A won't have Nana to run to for help. Her father seems to be drinking more and his behavior is getting worse and worse. Like when he woke her up in the middle of the night, screaming at her to clean crumbs off the kitchen floor. A swept the floor, but there weren't any crumbs. No one ever talks about it, but A's father has a problem.

And now A's mom is pregnant again, after the doctor told her not to have any more. To top it all off, A's best friend Maizey is barely spending anytime with her. Aislinn has to figure out how to get her dad to stop drinking before the family — and their lives — fall apart. It's going to be a tough summer.