She just went to sleep for a few hours, and when she woke up, her father was gone, and so was her art.

Drawing had always been Rory’s life. It was how she connected with her father. He’d taught her to draw, to make a plan and see it in her mind, to look for the light that would make her art come alive.

Drawing helped her block out the fights between her parents, her mother’s tears, her father’s distance and silence. But it couldn’t block the picture she saw one day when she opened the door to her father’s studio and found him holding another woman in his arms. And when she woke up one morning not long after that, and he was gone, without any explanation or goodbye, Rory discovered that she had also lost her art. Something had frozen inside her. The plan had disappeared and so had the light. Suddenly, it seemed like everything important to her was being torn away — her family, her art, even her best friend.

Where do you go, what do you do, when everything you love goes away? How do you survive?