Lucy didn't feel safe with a monster hiding in her room, so her mother made Gruffen, the guarding dragon.

Gruffen's story began when Lucy was convinced that there was a monster hiding in her room at night. Liz, her mother, made a guarding dragon to keep her safe. He was a beautiful green color, with beautiful purple eyes. He was sitting on a book of dragon procedures, because he was a very young dragon with a very important job, and the book would tell him all he needed to know. 

But even though the book could give him lots of information, it couldn't tell him everything. Liz and Lucy had to help him with lots of different things. He had to learn that shadows weren't monsters, that neighbors didn't know, and shouldn't know about dragons, so he had to be very quiet when they came to visit. And when Gruffen went exploring, he learned lots of things, and had many adventures. The biggest adventure of all happened because he met Hattie, a bat who was looking for a nice, warm place to have her bat babies.