My name is Arthur, son of Uther, the Dragon. It is my goal to unite all of England under one king, who will rule with wisdom and honor. There will be legends and stories told about me, but here is the true tale of my life, my struggles, and my realm.

My name is Morgan, and when I was but four, I saw my father murdered and my mother, lying in his blood, raped until she went mad with grief and anger. My older sister and I were taken to the northern provinces to be brought up my Morgausa, our mother’s sister. It was not a happy childhood, for she didn’t want us, and didn’t hesitate to let us know it. I had nightmares of the horrors I had seen, and soon learned to scream silently when they woke me up, night after night, so as not to disturb the household. When I would not be controlled and married off as easily as my sister, I was sent to live at a convent. But even among the sisters, I still dreamed, screaming silently, so no one could hear. I would never forget what I had seen, nor the two men who had taken both my parents from me.

This booktalk was written by librarian and booktalking expert Joni R. Bodart.