Have students create bookplates to help organize your classroom library, and for their own books! For each set of plates you'll need a large sheet of paper, scissors, paint or crayons, magazines and craft papers, glue, a paint sponge, and remoistenable envelope glue (such as the Lick & Stick brand).

Guide students through these steps:

1. Fold and crease the large sheet of paper evenly to create small rectangles.

2. Unfold. Use art supplies, magazines, and craft papers to decorate plates in themes — such as a favorite animals, sports, or hobbies — or phrases — such as "From the library of," "This book belongs to," or "My favorite book."

3. When all the rectangles are filled in, apply remoistenable glue to the back of the entire sheet using a paint sponge.

4. Once the glue is dry, cut page apart into separate bookplates.

Adapted from an idea by Beverly Hill