Meet Kim Toops, a third-grade teacher at New London–Spicer Schools in New London, Minnesota. Using PVC pipe, elbow grease, and a burst of ingenuity, Toops transformed her classroom desks into standing desks so her students can engage their bodies and their minds while they work.  Toops says her DIY desks have a lot of advantages over store-bought models. “The total cost for each desk is less than eight dollars which is a terrific savings over the cost of conventional standing desks,” says Toops. “I especially like this desk because the students continue to have storage that is enclosed. Many standing desks don't have storage or just have shelves.”

Here's how she did it in three simple steps:

Step 1: Cut one ten-inch piece of PVC pipe each leg of the desk. Be sure to choose a pipe just wide enough to slip onto your desk legs. Finish your new legs with PCV caps.

Step 2: Fill the pipes with sand for added stability and slip each one onto a desk leg. Push down on the desk to ensue it’s secure.

Step 3: Cut the leftover PVC pipe into two-inch long pieces and save them. You can add these pieces to the desk as the child grows.  


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