Natural Noisemakers

Challenge students to use Mother Nature as inspiration for designing their own musical instruments. These colorful shakers were made using only Y-shaped branches, acorns, bells, and neon string. What other musical potential do students see in the world around them?

Jar -Lid Castanets

Save small lids from food jars and invite students to make their own snappy percussion instruments. First, attach two similar-size lids together using fabric tape. Then, tape a rubber band to each lid to serve as a finger holder. Glue decorative ribbons to the base, then cha-cha-cha! Let the music making begin!

Aluminum Can Drums

Finish out your crafty orchestra with a set of these adorable mini-drums. Start with clean, washed cans of all sizes. Fill the cans with a few tablespoons of rice so they can be used as shakers, too. Trim the ends off large balloons, stretch them over the cans, and secure with rubber bands. Play the drums with chopsticks or shake for a catchy beat.