• Apatosaurus: This large, long-necked plant-eater had nostrils
    on the top of its head.
  • Bactrosaurus: This duck-billed dinosaur was 20 feet long and ate only plants.
  • Stegosaurus: This dinosaur had seventeen bony plates that
    ran along its back.
  • Plesiosaurus: This long-necked marine reptile had four large
    flippers and a short tail.
  • Kentrosaurus: This 17-foot dinosaur had two rows of spikes
    along its back and tail.
  • Velociraptor: This fast-running predator had a sickle-shaped claw on each foot.
  • Microceratops: This horny-faced dinosaur was only 30 inches long.
  • Pterodactyl: This winged flying reptile was related to the dinosaurs.