From the first day of school to the last, you'll find lots of ways to put a digital camera to work. Here are some ideas:

Alphabet Photo Album (Grades K-1)
Assign each student a letter of the alphabet and send them on a scavenger hunt to search for an item that begins with that letter. Have students add a sentence to their photo (A is for Apple) and print their picture. Once all students are finished with their photos, put the pages together for a student-created alphabet book.

Photograph the Seasons (Grades K-2)
Use a digital camera to record the changes in nature through the seasons. Pick a tree or other plant on campus that students can photograph each week throughout the school year.

Student Portraits for Open House (Grades 2-3)
During the first days of school, have students work in pairs to take pictures of themselves. Open the pictures in Kid Pix and add drawings or stamps to illustrate their favorite things (favorite food, color, etc.). Save their illustrations and create a slide show to share with parents during Open House.

Classroom Dos and Don'ts (Grades 3-5)
Make a list of classroom dos and don'ts to supplement your set of class rules. Have students use a digital camera to take pictures of the do's and don'ts to post alongside each rule.