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Drug Addiction Is a Disease: Why the Teen Brain Is Vulnerable
Today, as a result of research studies, clinical trials, and new ways to study the brain, scientists know that drug addiction is a disease—and that teen brains are more susceptible than adults' to the effects of drugs.

Teens, Drug Abuse, and AIDS: The Deadly Connection
According to a 2004 report from NIDA, behavior associated with drug abuse is now the single largest factor in the spread of HIV infection in the United States. The teen health threat of drug addiction helps set the stage for the disease of AIDS.

Abuse of Inhalants and Prescription Drugs: Real Dangers for Teens
The latest studies on teen drug use show good news and bad news. The good news is that overall drug abuse among teens is down. The bad news is that three dangerous substances show an increase in abuse: inhalants and the prescription drugs OxyContin® and Vicodin®.

Two Teen Health Dangers: Obesity and Drug Addiction
Researchers have discovered an amazing connection between how the brain is involved in obesity and drug addiction.

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