I found Jefferson Andrews's body during my Saturday morning run. His handsome body lay lifeless at the bottom of the ravine the kids at school call the Bend. Boys like Jefferson aren't supposed to die like this, boys with the adoration of the entire school. They're supposed to inspire vigils or smash open windows to rescue small children from a flame-filled apartment. All I could do was stare at Jefferson's pale corpse. And then, something pink and shiny caught my eye. Maya…my little sister…her phone. At the scene of the crime.

I've always been Maya's protector. When she stole, when she lied, when she became a drug addict. I was always there to bring her home every time our parents kicked her out. I cleaned up all her disasters even when she didn't want my help. Because she is my sister, and I love her. I was confident I'd be able to protect her forever. That is, until Jefferson Andrews showed up dead.

Well Maya needs my help now. She can't refuse my help this time. I have to find her. I am all she has left.

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