Imagine a future in which the oceans have risen so much that people are crammed onto the small pieces of land that remain—except for small populations of pioneers who’ve decided to live below land. As in, underwater. Ty, the narrator of this book, is one of those pioneers who lives in the dangerous world under the sea. He knows that he shouldn't explore Coldsleep Canyon on his own. But he never expected that an afternoon's adventure would bring him to an abandoned sub on the ocean floor with its interior covered in blood. In the sub is Gemma, a Topsider girl (that's the term for people who live on land), who's looking for her older brother. She doesn't know the first thing about surviving under the ocean: how to draw Liquigen deep into her lungs so she can breathe underwater, or how to react to Ty's shimmery skin (from the bioluminescent algae his family eats). She doesn't even know how to swim! Plus, Gemma seems a little too interested in the rumored “Dark Gifts” that Ty and the other underwater kids have. What is that about?

Read Dark Life if you're curious about the natural world under the waves and you want to be submerged in a fast-paced adventure.