Have the dragons come back to Earth? Is that what’s hiding inside the strange mist that covers the North Pole? How is Lucy involved, and why?

Strange things have been happening lately. For twenty-two days a mist has covered the North Pole. Christopher Apack, an Inuit man who went into the mist, tells a strange story of the huge bird he saw, as big as a house, with huge violet eyes, scales instead of feathers, and freezing cold breath. His grandfather had predicted that one day the ice would burn, and he knew that this was the creature who would set it on fire.

Even though David died five years ago, Zanna and Alexa saw David just two nights ago. David told Arthur that when he wrote about David, years ago, using the ichor from a dragon’s claw for ink, it allowed David to come into existence. He and his daughter Alexa are Fain, beings of pure energy from a higher state of consciousness. Alexa used Arthur to describe the father she needed, and she helped David become that person.

David’s dragon, Gadzooks, gave a strange message to a Cambridge professor who is a friend of Arthur’s. The Pennywhistle dragons all know they aren’t to show their powers to anyone outside the family, but Gadzooks broke that rule. The message he left was in dragontongue, a single word, Scuffenbury.

What does it mean? Why is David back? And what is the meaning of the mysterious white mist at the North Pole?