An effective classroom library should support your literacy instruction, provide a comfortable place for students to talk about and interact with books, and be a central location for classroom resources.

Here are some tips on organizing your classroom library space:


  • Allocate a space of at least 8x10 feet within your classroom for the library.
  • Situate your library away from the central activities and traffic flow of the classroom.
  • Plan the space so that students are shielded from visual distractions but so that you can view the area from nearly every location in the classroom.
  • Create large display areas for posters, book reviews, book swap ads, and more.
  • Have lots of comfortable reading spots to make it inviting!
  • Make sure that all materials are easily accessible to students of all sizes.
  • Include a small group table for guided reading and mini lessons.
  • Have a teacher's read aloud chair in a central spot.
  • Set up a book repair area with instructions on how to mend torn pages, remove marks in the books, cover frayed edges, or fix broken bindings.


Adapted from Your Classroom Library: New Ways to Give It More Teaching Power by D.R. Reutzel and P.C. Fawson.