• Large pieces of Styrofoam
  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Sculpting materials including pipe stems, sculpture wire, small and large craft sticks, glue, string, rubber bands, feathers, toothpicks, buttons, tissue paper, construction paper
  • Large cardboard boxes (to use as pedestals)
  • Tempera paint and paint brushes
  • Glue sticks
  • Child safety scissors
  • Markers


Developing Skills

  • Fine motor
  • Creativity
  • Social skills


Set Up and Prepare

Send home a note requesting donations of pieces of Styrofoam and packing material. Try contacting some area appliance stores for donations of boxes and packing materials, as well.


Step 1: Collect all of the suggested sculpture materials so that there are enough for small groups of children. Set up the materials in separate areas around the room.

Step 2: Explain to children that they will work together to use the materials to make sculptures. Show them some of the materials and ask them to share their ideas on how they could use them.

Step 3: Divide children into groups and suggest they work in their respective areas. Offer assistance if needed. Remind them that they don't have to finish their work in one sitting. Some children may enjoy working on their sculpture over several days.

Step 4: Next, invite children to design pedestals for their sculptures. Give them large boxes and ask them to decide together how they would like to paint the pedestal. Provide children with their choice of paint or other materials. Offer them paper to make signs listing the artists who made each sculpture and attach the signs to the pedestals.

Step 5: Plan a special day to exhibit the finished sculptures. Invite children to set up their sculptures on the pedestals in a designated area of the room. Invite families and other members of the school community to come by and view the children's work.

Remember: Differing opinions and conflicts are normal in collaborative work. Allow time for children to work through conflicts before intervening.


Take-Home Activity

Artistic Recycling
Suggest children make a list of things that they have in their homes that could be recycled and used for art projects. Send the list to families along with a note requesting that they collect some of the items to donate to the classroom art area.


Curriculum Connection: Literacy

Making Art
Take photographs of children to document the process of making their sculptures. Work with the group to create a visual display and invite them to dictate information about each photograph.


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