Tonight was party night. The party — a landmark in their lives. Jay’s parents were gone for two weeks, the old guy next door had disappeared, and the rest of the neighbors were so reclusive no one ever saw them. He could do anything he wanted to for two weeks, just as long as he cleaned up all the evidence.

But now it looked like they’d be going different ways in the fall. Jay and Cappo would be staying in school, going for A-levels. Sam didn’t like school much, so he was joining his dad’s interior decorating business, and Danny had to change schools, because he wanted to get into psychology and had to go where it’s offered. So this party was about making memories, reminding each other how tight they were, and maybe figuring how to keep from drifting apart.

None of them expected anything other than the usual sort of binge-out they’d had lots of times before. And when that wasn’t what happened, none of them knew quite what to do. What do you do when a party turns out to be not just good friends, good times, cigs and beers? When the scene turns ugly, anger erupts, and the past that they’d all thought was over and done with is back again, more painful and difficult than ever.