Imagination (and Max) reigns in Where the Wild Things Are. Help students create “Wild Thing” costumes, then see what creative stories they come up with in imaginative play. Don’t forget to practice your rawrrrs.

What you’ll need:
3D glasses (recycled from movie theater)
Cardstock (yellow, black, orange, white)
Glue stick or Tape
Hole punch
                                                                                             White pipe cleaner

1 Remove lenses from 3D glasses. Trace and cut out 2½" yellow circles and 1" black circles. Glue together.

2 Use hole punch to make holes in center of black circles. Attach to front of frames with glue or tape to create eyes.

3 Cut 2½" orange square. Fold diagonally in half. Fold down small bit of folded corner. Attach to center of frames for nose.

4 Cut 2" x 7" piece of white paper. Cut teeth every inch, leaving a 1" margin along the top edge.

5 Wrap top edge of teeth around white pipe cleaner and secure with tape. Bend and form pipe cleaner into half-circle.

Crafts: Make a Wild Thing Costume, Max's Crown