Corn Craft

Haven’t yet stocked up on calico corn for your classroom Thanksgiving feast? Rather than heading to the farmers’ market, have students make these colorful ears of “corn” using bubble wrap, cardboard tubes, tissue paper, paint, and a few craft supplies. Then pass out our FREE printable worksheet and let the celebrations begin!

Things You'll Need:
Paper tubes
Bubble wrap
Paint (reds, oranges, yellows)
Paint brushes
Drawing paper, 8.5" x 11"
Tissue paper (tan, brown)
FREE printable worksheet

1 Brush bubble wrap with paint. Students can mix different colors to achieve the mottled appearance of Indian corn.

2 Lay a sheet of drawing paper over the painted bubble wrap. Use your hands to smooth paper down and ensure the ink prints onto the paper evenly. Then, allow paper to dry.

3 Wrap printed paper around tube your paper tube and tape down.

4 Fold the bottom of the printed paper inward, creating a tapered end and tape shut.

5 Fold tissue paper several times to create a multilayered stack. Then, trim the tissue paper into a feathery husk shape (a long rounded triangle). Pull apart the layers of your husk and crinkle the paper with your hands to create a husk-like texture. Finish by twisting the flat ends together and wrapping with tape.

6 Put the pieces together. Run a line of glue along the inside of the tube opening and secure your tissue husks inside.


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Image: Roger Hagadone