Your students are probably already dreaming about the end of school and how they’ll spend the upcoming months. Channel their creative energies into making sun-shaped scrapbooks that they can fill with mementos of their warm-weather adventures.


Things You'll Need
Yellow paper
Orange paper
Glue stick


What to Do:

1 Using a compass, cut four, 9" circles, two of which are yellow and two of which are orange.
Then, fold each circle in half.

2 Take one half moon shape and use a pair of scissors to cut triangles along the round edge to make rays. Be sure to cut through both sides together, so the rays will be even. Use the first sun as a template to cut the other three, so that the rays more or less match.

3 Glue 1/2 of a yellow sun and 1/2 of an orange sun together. Then, add another 1/2 of a yellow sun and 1/2 of an orange sun, alternating colors. Glue a piece of string to the outer edges of the fourth piece, roughly in the center on both sides. Then, fold the sections together so that the strings can tie to hold the scrapbook closed.

4 Decorate as desired!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz