After crafting a bulletin board that celebrates books, have each student make one of these adorable book buddies and write a mini-book review for it to hold. Once displayed, your summer reading recommendations are done!

Things You'll Need
Colored paper
White cardstock
Colored pencils
Glue stick


What to Do:

1 Cut paper to make a rectangle that is 6 inches wide and 11 ½ inches tall. Draw a pencil line at 8 ½ inches. With the remaining top 3 inches cut 5-6 spikes for the hair. Fold on the pencil line to make your bangs come forward.

Pro Tip: You can use the side of a scissors to curl the spikes as if you are curling ribbon.

2 Make a rectangular face with curved corners using white cardstock. Glue the face underneath the bangs so that it covers the top half of your reading buddy. Draw on eyes and a smile with a marker.

Pro Tip:  Be sure to draw pupils toward the bottom, inner section of the eye so that your reading buddy will be looking down.

3 For the arms, cut two long strips of a different color paper (1 inch wide x 8 inches long) and fold each strip about four times before attaching to the back of the body with a glue stick.

4 For the legs, cut four long strips of paper (1" wide x 19.5" long strips). Cut two strips of one color and two strips of the other. Then, connect one strip of each color at a 45 degree angle with a small piece of double stick tape. Fold one strip over the next, alternating. Repeat for the second leg and attach both legs to the bottom corners of the body using double stick tape.

5 Make shoes by cutting out small ovals from paper scraps and attach with tape.

6 To finish, make books by folding white card stock (the books should be roughly 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall when folded). Ask kids to choose a book they'd like to recommend to the class, then, to draw the front cover on the front of their mini-books. Next, invite kids to write a short book report inside the book. What did they enjoy? Why would they recommend the book to a friend? When your book reports are complete, tape the ends of your reading buddies arms to the outside of the book so it looks like each kids' buddy is reading their report!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz