After gathering a selection of small rocks, paint characters, objects, and symbols on them to create pocket-size storytelling devices. Students will get practice studying sequence as they weave mix-and-match narratives!

Things You'll Need:
Smooth flat rocks
Acrylic paints
Fine-tipped paint brushes
Drawstring bag
Optional: Stickers

1 Collect rocks. Take your class on a rock-collecting adventure or ask students to bring in stones they gather over the weekend. You will have the most luck finding smooth stones in a stream or near water.

2 Paint a character or object on each rock. You can use symbols or draw landscapes to represent different settings. For objects, we chose a few of our favorite summer things. Pick your own theme and go wild! Plus, don't forget to create characters that are an assortment of ages (and species!).

Not an artist? Thumbprints make great faces and stickers can be used as a fast and easy alternative to hand-painted stones.

3 When dry, place painted rocks in a drawstring bag, and draw a few out for your students. Kids can use these images as elements for a story they'll then write or tell to the class. The possibilities are endless!

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