Have kids collect their family’s plastic six-pack rings. Rather than ending up in a landfill, they’ll become larger-than-life snowflakes!

Watch Jim Noonan's video demonstration...

What you’ll need:
12 six-pack rings per snowflake
Cellophane tape
String or twine

1  Fold each set of six-pack rings in half lengthwise. Tape the top and bottom sections together in the center of each of the outer rings. Then connect the 12 sets side by side, taping adjacent sets at the middle edge of the center rings.

2  Thread a piece of string or twine through the bottom rings, cinch together tightly, and secure with a knot. Then attach the outer edge of the first set of rings with the outer edge of the last set of rings, as in step 1, to complete the shape.

3  Thread string through each of the small loops at the center of the snowflake, cinch together tightly, and secure with a knot.

4  To finish the shape, cut the ends off every other set of six-pack rings, as desired. Hang snowflake with string or twine.