Transform shoeboxes with colored paper and painter’s tape into sweet suitcases that kids can decorate and then use to tote home a year’s worth of memories and hard work.

Things You'll Need:
Shoebox (shoeboxes with hinged lids work best)
Colored craft paper roll
White label stickers
Painter's tape

1 Start by covering the shoebox in colored paper in the colors of your choice. Tape paper in place to secure.

2 Next, attach two parallel strips of painter's tape around the box to resemble suitcase straps.

3 To create handles: use scissors to punch two holes on one side of the box and box lid. Then, cut two short pieces of rope (about 8") and push the ends of one piece through one set of holes. Tie knots inside the box to secure and repeat with the other piece of rope in the other set of holes.

4 Start decorating! Use crayons and blank labels to make your own stickers and attach to the front of the suitcase. Decorate the back of the suitcase if desired.

5 Fill with projects and memorabilia from the school year for a sweet souvenir students can take home at the end of the semester!

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Image: Roger Hagadone