Watch young artists blossom as they transform egg cartons into colorful flowers. Work with kids to cut out petals and centers, then paint in bright shades. Add pipe-cleaner stems for a one-of-a-kind springtime bouquet.

Watch the video demo...

What you'll need:
Egg Carton
Craft Paint
Paint Brushes
Paper Clip (or skewer, or pencil)
Pipe Cleaner

1 Cut up egg carton to separate cups from pyramid-shaped center pieces.

2 Create petals. Trim edges of egg carton cups and cut notches from the edge of the cup into the center. Repeat process for flower centers or replace with pyramid-shaped pieces.

4 Paint both parts of flower, front and back, and let dry completely.

5 Using a paper clip, pencil, or skewer, poke two holes in center of each piece of the flower. Next, thread the pipe cleaner through the holes to attach the flower center to the petals. Pull the pipe cleaner taut and twist to secure.


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