Puzzling Snowflakes

Don’t throw out those old puzzles with pieces missing! Use the pieces to create unique snowflake ornaments. Once dry, paint the pieces white. Embellish with beads and glitter for extra sparkle.

Things You'll Need:
Puzzle pieces
White paint
Beads, buttons, glitter, and other embellishments
String, twine, or pipe cleaners

1 Gather extra puzzle pieces or puzzles with missing pieces that are no longer useable.

2 Layout puzzle pieces in desired snowflake shape. Remember: snowflakes have six sides and are symmetrical along three axes. To achieve this effect, use one piece at the center as the main anchor point and make sure your puzzle pieces overlap.

3 Glue all the pieces to one another and let dry completely.

4 Next, paint both sides of your snowflake with white paint (acrylic, poster, or tempera).  Add coats of paint to cover puzzle design and let dry completely.

5 Embellish snowflakes as desired by gluing on beads, buttons, glitter, and more—the sky's the limit!

6 To finish, hang your snowflakes in front of a window (or on a tree!) with a piece of silver twine or a pipe cleaner.


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