What’s the Forecast, Phil?

On February 2, Punxsutawney Phil will emerge from hibernation to make his prediction on how long winter will last. With a few art supplies, students can create their own curious groundhogs that pop out to check for warmer weather.

Things You'll Need:
Brown felt
Googly eyes
Cardboard tubes (toilet paper rolls)
Paper cups
Popsicle sticks
White paper
Green & black markers
Dried black beans



For Groundhog:

1 Cut a piece of brown felt large enough to wrap around the cardboard tube completely and glue firmly in place.

2 Next, cut two small ears out of the brown felt and glue the ears on top of your groundhog's head (in the top center of the tube). Pro tip: glue the ears on the inside of the tube.

3 Draw a nose and mouth underneath the ears using black marker. Glue a black bean on top of the nose to make it appear three-dimensional. Complete the look by gluing googly eyes above the nose!

4 To finish, glue a popsicle stick in place on bottom front inside of the tube and allow to dry.

For Grass:

1 Cut off the top half of a paper cup to make a more shallow vessel.

2 Color a sheet of white paper with a green marker to mimic the appearance of grass. Then, trim the top half of the paper in a jagged edge or snip fringe to resemble individual blades.

3 Wrap your grass around the paper cup and glue in place. Trim any excess paper on the bottom edge of the cup.

4 Use scissors to punch a hole 1/2" from front of cup. The popsicle stick at the bottom of your "groundhog" will slide in here when the glue has dried.


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Image:  Adam Chinitz