Pizza-Box Easels

Reward your class with a pizza party and new art easels! Create the easels by upcycling pizza boxes; your young artists can help by adding contact paper, ribbon, and binder clips. Then, break out your pallets and start painting!

Things You'll Need
2 Pizza boxes (18 inches)
Glue gun or stapler
Binder clips
Blackboard contact paper (if desired)

What to Do:

1 Take two 18 inch pizza boxes. Cut the top off of one and recycle. Use the bottom of that box as your base. Then, take the second box and stand it vertically and slightly open at the bottom to form a pyramid shape.

Pro Tip: Use decorative tape to cover any writing.

2 Place the second box inside the bottom of the first box. Open your easel to your desired width, leaving enough space for supplies on both sides.

Pro Tip: Young artists can store supplies inside the easel as well.

3 Secure the stand by using hot glue or a stapler to attach the two boxes at the bottom edge.

4 To turn one side of your easel into a blackboard, cut a 17 inch square of blackboard contact paper (ordered from Amazon) and slowly adhere to onse side of your easel so there are no bubbles.

5 On the other side attach binder clips to the top of the box with ribbons and tape. (Alternatively, thread ribbons through existing holes and tape inside the box). 

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Image: Adam Chinitz