Penguins on Ice

Liven up a winter science unit on ­animals and their environment by crafting these friendly fellows against a backdrop of their frozen homeland. With some watercolor paint and construction paper, you’ll be watching the march of the penguins in no time.

Things You'll Need:

Paper cups
Black, white, yellow, and orange paper
Watercolor paper, paint and brush
Piece of corrugated cardboard

What to Do:

For Penguin:

1 Cover paper cups with black paper. Leave the white rim exposed if applicable, and trim any excess paper at the top, bottom, or back. Secure with glue. Alternatively, skip this step by using a black paper cup.

2 To create eyes, cut out two small circles from white paper and make a small black dot in the center of each to form the pupil.

3 For wings, cut out two identical leaf-like shapes from black paper. Wings should be rounded on one end and pointed at the other.

4 Craft a beak using yellow paper. First, cut out a diamond shape. Then, fold down the center.

5 For a final touch, cut a small arch-shape out of white paper to form a belly and two orange ovals for feet. 

6 To finish, glue eyes, beak, belly and wings onto the overturned cup, and glue feet onto the rim. Allow to dry.

For Iceberg:

1 Paint watercolor paper in various, blended shades of blue and allow to dry.

2 Tear your painted paper along the edge, pulling edge towards you to created white iceberg tip.

3 Fold the torn paper into a 90 degree angle. Then, glue your iceberg onto the cardboard to create a stand. Allow to dry.

4 Repeat the process to create a second, shorter iceberg layer. Glue this layer in front of first to create a dynamic scene.

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Image: Roger Hagadone