Writing Is a Hoot!

Upcycle an empty coffee can into a fall-friendly journal jar. Simply cover the can in brown paper and add a face, wings, and belly. Then, fill the jar creative writing points to help kids get started on their latest literary masterpieces. Download Scholastic Teacher's FREE printable writing prompts here.

Things You'll Need:
Empty coffee or oatmeal can
Colored paper
Glue or glue dots
FREE printable writing prompts


1 Measure a piece of brown paper to fit around the can, cut out, and attach with glue.

2 Cut shapes for the face, wings, and belly and attach with glue.

3 Draw on fun features such as feathers and the words "journal jar."

4 Fill your journal jar with our wonderfully wacky printable writing prompts and get writing!


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Image: Roger Hagadone