Max's Crown

Imagination (and Max) reigns in Where the Wild Things Are. Help students create Max or “Wild Thing” costumes, then see what creative stories they come up with in imaginative play. Don’t forget to practice your rawrrrs.

Watch Jim Noonan's video demonstration...


What you’ll need:
Heavyweight paper or cardstock (dark gold, black, white)
Regular-weight paper (light gold)
Double-sided tape

1 Cut a zigzag down center of dark-gold paper. Overlap ends, place around head to size, and mark.

2 Cut light-gold paper in half and fold both halves lengthwise. Fringe along fold, every ¼" on both sheets.

3 Tape fringe to bottom edge of crown in two overlapping rows. Fluff out loops with fingers to add dimension.

4 Cut two large white paper diamonds and two smaller black diamonds. Tape black to center of white. Cut off bottoms.

5 Tape diamond “ears” to crown, behind fringe. Secure ends of crown with double-sided tape.

Crafts: Wild Thing Masks