Use scrap paper to create beautiful landscapes like those in Ezra Jack Keats’s The Snowy Day. Students will practice working with shapes and learn the concepts of foreground, middle ground, and background.

Watch Jim Noonan's video demonstration...


What you’ll need:
White paper
White crayon
Watercolor paints
Paper towels
Scrap paper (various colors and patterns)
Glue stick or double-sided tape

1 Snowdrift paper: Scribble all over white paper with white crayon.

2 Paint with diluted watercolors in purples and blues. Wipe away excess with paper towel and let dry completely.

3 Background: Use blue paper as the base. Build skyline with long rectangles of scrap wrapping paper. Glue or tape rectangles to base paper.

4 Middle ground: Cut snowdrifts from watercolor paper made in step 1. Place free-form in front of and on top
of skyline buildings.

5 Foreground: Add specific details (e.g., trees, snowman, a fence) using circles, triangles, and rectangles cut from scrap paper. Attach with glue or double-sided tape.