“What’s your favorite animal?” and other fun getting-to-know-you questions lie behind tissue-paper circles for kids to answer. Prizes included!

What You'll Need:
Poster board
Colored tissue paper
Circle cutter
Masking tape
Corrugated cardboard
Paper lunch bags
Small prizes

1 Plan out where the 30 circles will go on your poster board. To do this, set your circle cutter to 3-1/4 inches and cut 5 circles out of scrap paper. Then, fold each circle in half twice and cut the folded point to make a small hole in the center. Lay the 5 circles along the shorter side of your poster board and make a dot through the center hole of each circle. Move the circles along the poster board, marking as you go, until you have 30 dots.

2 Cut the circles. Place the center of the circle cutter over each dot on your board and cut. Then, write a number under each circle, 1 through 30.

3 Make it colorful with tissue paper! Cut 30 3-1/2 inch squares of colored tissue paper. Next, lay the squares over the circles from the back of the poster board. Tape the rows of tissue paper down with long strips of masking tape. 

4 Set up the prizes. Cut 30 paper bags in half. Cut a slit on each of the corners of the shortened bags, folding back the flaps on each side. Then, working on the backside of the board, place one question from our printable list of questions and one small prize down over the first circle, cover with a paper bag and use the flaps to tape the bag to the board. Repeat for each of the circles.

Bonus Step: Make a stand for your board! Cut 1/2 inch wide strips of cardboard long enough to cover all four sides of the poster board. Glue the strips down. Then, cut two 3 inch wide strips of cardboard. (Make sure the strips are longer than the poster board.) Fold the strips to make an "L" shape. Glue the strips along the two long sides of board to create a stand.

5 You're ready to play! Have students come to the front of the class one at a time. Let them choose a circle to punch out. Students read the get-to-know-you question out loud, answer, and collect the prize inside!

Download our free printable questions here!


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Image: Adam Chinitz