Coffee-Cup Planters

Personalize Earth Day for your students with coffee-cup planters. Your classroom will get a little greener, and students will have fun seeing themselves sprout a wild new hairdo.

Things You'll Need
Small, used coffee cups
Grass seed

What to Do:

1 Stroll around your school and ask parents to help kids collect small, used coffee cups.

2 Fill the coffee cups with potting soil and sprinkle grass seed inside. Then, follow the directions on the grass seed package (and water frequently!) so grass will grow inside your coffee cups. Tip: It will take about three weeks for the grass to grow.

3 Take photos of your students' faces. The photos should be approximately 3 inches tall and 5 inches wide. You can crop the images in Adobe Photoshop or print the pictures and crop with scissors so that it looks like the grass is growing like hair!

4 Wrap your images around the cups and tape to secure in the back. Be sure to cut a curve along the top of the image so that the photo lays flat along the edge of the cup and under the rim. Once your cups are complete, watch creative play sprout! Plus, send planters home as fun gift for Mother's Day or the end of the year.