Colorful Frosty

To make this vibrant snowman, dip an inflated balloon into a bowl of tempera paint. Press the balloon on the paper to make circles. Add cutouts, beads, and twigs to decorate.

Things You'll Need:

Paper to stamp on
Paint in lots of different colors
Beads, buttons, scrap paper, pipe cleaners, twigs, and other embellishments
Crayons and color pencils

1 Protect work surface with newspaper. Lay desired piece of paper on newspaper.

2 Fill bowl with a layer of base paint—tempera paint or watered-down acrylic paint works best. Next, add dots and swirls of one or two other accent colors to your bowl of paint.



3 Inflate balloon to about 7 or 8 inches—the size of a small melon.

4 Press the bottom of your balloon into the paint. Then, stamp circles onto paper to make snowman shape and let dry completely.



5 Decorate your snowman! Use buttons, beads, cutouts of scrap paper, pipe cleaners, real twigs, et cetera to dress your snowman and give him a face and arms. Attach with glue.

6  Set the scene. Use crayons or colored pencils (or both!) to draw snow banks, trees, houses, et cetera in the background.


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