Thank a Veteran

Writing letters of thanks to veterans each November is a time-honored school tradition. Give it a twist with these friendly camouflaged figures that students decorate and personalize with construction paper, paints, and markers.

What You'll Need:

Our FREE printable Veteran's Day craft template
White paper and various flesh- and hair-toned paper
Camouflage-colored paints
Newsprint or scrap paper
Lined paper

What to Do:

1 Cut a long-sleeve T-shirt and helmet shape out of large white paper (use our template for the hat!). Next, squirt camouflage-colored paint on different paper plates to create workstations.

2 Have students crinkle newsprint or paper into loose balls, dip in paint, then print on the T-shirt and helmet (like sponge-painting!). Pro tip: Be sure to use different paper for each paint to keep the colors separate.

3 As you allow paint to dry, use our template to cut out a head and two hands from paper in various skin colors. Add hair if desired (keeping in mind the parts of the head your hat will cover).

4 Finally, glue all of your pieces together and start writing! Once kids complete their heartfelt letters, they can glue them on to the front of their friendly soldiers!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz