Fledgling Math

Kids will love this happy springtime version of the popular classroom math-dice game. This one has each player or team rolling the large 12-sided target die, then tossing the smaller dice and adding or subtracting to arrive at the number on the target die. The more dice they use to make the target sum, the more spaces they can move the little bluebirds (e.g., three dice = three spaces) to reach the finish line!

Things You'll Need:
Mini googly eyes

Yellow pom-poms
Colored pipe cleaners
Orange, blue, and yellow construction paper
Purple, pink, and blue foam board

What To Do:

1 Stack two yellow pom-poms, with one on top of the other, and glue to form the body of the chick.

2 Glue two mini googly eyes to the top pom-pom on the body of the chick.

3 Cut an orange triangle out of construction paper and glue it below the eyes as a beak. Cut two wing-shapes from yellow paper, add glue to one of the long ends, and wedge them between the pom-poms to create wings..

4 Cut a circle from blue construction paper to create a base for your chick. Glue the bird on top.

5 Choose a color pipe cleaner and glue it around the edge of the base as an outline. (Each opponent should have a different color).

6 Cut 12 flower shapes out off foam board to serve as the pieces of your game board. Then, line them up in rows and start the race!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz
Crafts: Sarah Pottieger