Sight-Word Piñata

Which ribbon will be the lucky one in this wintry game of piñata? Rather than the traditional bash-and-burst, kids pull on ribbons, one of which opens a trap door that spills sight words and prizes! After gathering the spoils, students can practice their words through writing or say-aloud activities.

Things You'll Need:

50 Sight Words
Medium cardboard box
Double-sided tape
White crepe paper (streamers)
Cardstock (blue and orange)
Blue felt
Blue curling ribbon
Glue or glue dots
Masking tape

What to Do:

1 Cut out two identical snowman shapes from a medium sized cardboard box. Be sure to make the base of your snowman a straight line so that it will stand up straight. Next, cut two 2-inch wide strips from the cardboard to make the sides of your snowman.

2 Line one snowman shape with both the strips, and attach using masking tape. Once the sides are attached, place the second snowman shape on top and attach it to the sides using masking tape.

3 Cut two trap doors, one at the base of the piñata (about 4-in long) and one at the back of the piñata. You'll use the door in the back of the piñata to drop the sight words in. Tie a knot in a piece of curling ribbon and attach it to inside of the back of bottom trap door using masking tape before wrapping the entire trap door in masking tape. (This will be you method of opening the piñata).

4 Download and print our sight words template (available here), cut out each word, and insert sight words into the door in the back of your piñata. Add stickers, small toys, and more for a fun twist!

5 Fold white party streamers in half horizontally and cut three-quarters way to the fold to create fringe. Starting at the base, attach fringe using double-sided tape until piñata is covered. Hide any blank spots with more fringe.

6 Dress it up! Cut eyes, mouth, and buttons from black card stock and a nose from orange card stock and attach these details to your snowman using glue. For a fun touch, create a scarf out of blue felt and attach.

7 Tie a loop in your ribbon and attach it to back of snowman for hanging. Attach blue ribbons along base with glue to disguise your pull string. Then, get your sight word party started!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz; Craft: Sarah Pottieger