Scrapbook Turkey

Each “feather” of this colorful scrapbook turkey tells a story about the child who made it—and what he or she is most thankful for. It’s easy to assemble, too: just a few basic materials, some folding and gluing, and a splash of thoughtful inspiration.

What You'll Need:
Brown, white, and fall-colored papers
Photos and other collage material

What to Do:

1 Trace one large circle (about the size of a large mixing bowl) on white paper, a smaller circle (about the size of a cup) on light brown paper, and an even smaller circle (about the size of a bottle cap) on dark brown paper.

2 Cut out six more circles in assorted fall colors. (These circles should be slightly smaller than the body of your turkey and slightly larger than the head and will form the tabs for each section of your turkey scrapbook).

3 Cut out a triangle-shaped beak and three prong feet on yellow paper or old manila folders. To complete your turkey, glue the small brown circle to the top of the larger brown circle to form the head. Then, glue a beak and two eyes to the face and adhere your feet to the opposite end of the body.

4 To get started on your scrapbooks, have kids fold their large white circle in half once and then again, creating an "x" fold.  Repeat to create an eight-section circle (like a pizza!) Then, color in each section in the colors of your choosing!

5 Glue the body of your turkey to the bottom of your colorful “pizza” or plumage! Then, glue the six-colored circles to the back of each colorful section—except for the two sections covered by the body.

6 To complete the project, students will write something they are thankful for on each colored circle (for example, family or teachers). Then, kids can decorate each section to match its label using markers, photographs, and assorted craft supplies!


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Photo: Adam Chinitz