Party Penguins

Send your little charges off for the holidays, or welcome them back, with these earmuffed penguin pencil toppers, a gift from you that will have kids happily volunteering to write their thank-you notes. All it takes are a few simple supplies and a dash of holiday cheer.

Things You'll Need:
Hot glue
Tiny googly eyes
Small pom-poms (in white and blue)
Blue pipe-cleaners
Orange and yellow felt
Gift tags
Black acrylic paint
1-inch Styrofoam balls

What to Do:

1 Gently slide and shimmy Styrofoam balls over the eraser of each pencil. Paint each one black, leaving a white circle in center. Let dry.

2 Create faces! Attach googly eyes with hot glue. Then cut beaks from yellow felt and feet from orange felt. Attach with hot glue.

4 Cut small pieces of pipe-cleaner (about half the circumference of each head) and glue around the top of the head. Attach one pom-pom to each end with hot glue to create earmuffs.

5 After everything is dry, carefully remove your penguins from the pencils and put a dab of hot glue on each eraser section before replacing the penguin topper.

6 To complete your sweet treats, create gift tags and tie on to each pencil!

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Photo: Adam Chinitz; Craft: Sarah Pottieger