Eskimo Villages

Stockpile packing peanuts to craft an igloo for a geography or weather unit. Complete your wintry scene with our Eskimo template. 


What you'll need:
Paper Bowls

White Paper

Packing Peanuts

1 Turn the paper bowl upside down.  Next, cut toilet paper roll in half, to create two small tubes.  Then, cut a small section out of each tube (about 1/4 of the tube) to create an arc. This arch will be the entrance tunnel to your igloo!

2 Tape the tube in an arc shape to one side of the igloo.

3 Cover your igloo with white paper to cover up any brown spots.

4 Use thick paste to attach packing peanuts around your bowl and tube until fully covered in "snow."

5 Allow your igloos to dry and create a village!


What you'll need:

Eskimo Template

Colored Pencils or Crayons

Photos of Students' Faces

1 Print our eskimo template onto cardstock and cut out figures.

3 Color in the outfit using colored pencils or crayons. Create fun patterns as desired!

4 Attach students' photos in the center of the hood using glue or tape.

5 To create a stand: cut a triangle from the cardstock.
 Then, fold over one edge (about 1/2") and glue to the back of your eskimo.

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